About Me

I have been growing roses since the late 1980s. As my collection increased I realized that it would be good to connect with other rose enthusiasts, so in the Summer of 1998 I joined the American Rose Society. In the Spring of 1999 I located and joined the New England Rose Society.

In 2001 I finally got up my courage to enter the rose show and to my surprise and delight my entry of 'Olympiad' in the novice class won Queen of Show. From then on I became hooked on rose shows and my rose career began to take off.

I became a Consulting Rosarian in the spring of 2003 and a Master Rosarian 10 years later in 2013.
Later in 2003 I became a Horticulture Judge, and in 2012 I became an Arrangement Judge.

In the early 2000s I held several offices in the New England Rose Society, finishing as President. 

In 2006 I began to be active in the Yankee District, serving as District Chair of Horticulture Judges. During the six years in that position I also became active in National Committee affairs for the first time, working with Bruce Monroe and the Horticulture Judges Committee on revisions to the judging guidelines, especially for challenge classes.

In 2008 I was awarded the Bronze Honor Medal by the New England Rose Society and in 2009 I was awarded the Silver Honor Medal by the Yankee District. The District named me their Outstanding Consulting Rosarian in 2011 and Outstanding Horticulture Judge in 2019.

In 2012 the Yankee District chose me to be their District Director, a position I held to 2018.

At the beginning of  my first term on the Board of Directors I was elected to the Ethics Committee and continued on that Committee until 2016. During the last three years of my tenure I served as Committee Chair. 

I was named Chair of the Bylaws Committee at the start of my second term on the Board. The Committee and I conducted a thorough review of the Bylaws, and we drafted and obtained approval for eight amendments/additions to the Bylaws and two new Standing Rules. I was awarded a Presidential Citation for my work on the Bylaws.

Also in my second term, I was elected to three consecutive one-years terms as a Board representative on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Director, along with two Board Representatives. It is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the Society and taking necessary actions when the Board is not in session. I believe that my service on the Executive Committee and the Bylaws Committee has  provided invaluable preparation for moving into the role of American Rose Society Vice President and future President.

I am presently serving as Regional Director for Region 0. This term I was appointed National Chair of Arrangement Judges, and with my committee we are undertaking a new edition of the Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements.

I am growing about 150 roses, many of them miniatures or minifloras, on my city-sized property. I continue to be active in the New England Rose Society and am also a member of the other Societies in my District.

My career in roses has taken me farther than I could have ever conceived when I first joined. Now I am on the verge of taking the final step, becoming Vice President and President. May I can count on you for your support?