"I believe Craig Dorschel has the right stuff and have the pleasure to endorse his candidacy and urge you to vote for him in the 2021 election."

Robert B. Martin Jr., President, American Rose Society

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I am also grateful for these endorsements:

"I am confident that Craig Dorschel will be an excellent ARS President and I endorse him for Vice President.  For two decades Craig has been intimately involved with almost all of the functions of the American Rose Society as he served as Yankee District Director, Region 0 Director and multiple years on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.  Craig is an accomplished exhibitor and is both a Horticulture Judge and an Arrangement Judge, currently serving as National Chairman of Arrangement Judges.  In my opinion a commitment to rose exhibiting is a valuable trait in a leader of the American Rose Society, and Craig is committed.  Craig has served as Chairman of the ARS Ethics Committee and the Bylaws Committee, and he demonstrates the moral character befitting the President of ARS."

Jim Hering, American Rose Society President Emeritus

"In his stints as twice Director of the Yankee District, Director of ARS Region 0, and extensive Committee membership and chair positions, Craig Dorschel has demonstrated unrivaled dedication to the American Rose Society, a strong work ethic, and leadership skills that make him more than well qualified to serve as our next Vice-President and President. I strongly support his candidacy in the 2021 election."

Jeff Wyckoff, American Rose Society Past President

I have endorsed Craig Dorschel for ARS Vice President. Craig’s years of experience on the ARS Board of Directors and his many National Committee positions makes him the right person to take on the leadership of the American Rose Society. Craig was an important part of my administration and I have complete faith and confidence in him.  

I believe that in order to successfully lead this organization – to follow our vision, to grow our membership, to lead us to financial security - you need to know how we got here and what was done in the past. That knowledge comes from being part of the process of serving on the ARS Board and working with your fellow board members.  It is through this experience that one learns of the issues that affect the other parts of the country/society.    

I urge you to join me in voting for Craig Dorschel because Experience Matters!

Pat Shanley, Immediate Past President, American Rose Society

"It is unusual to find a person who has continuously offered support and guidance to people involved with the hobby of roses. This support also extends to include people in other plant organizations you are involved with. Your resume does not do justice to all of the qualities of leadership you have demonstrated in the local, district and national positions you have held over the years . It is not only about the many positions you have held but the manner in which you have conducted yourself and improved the overall quality of these many organizations . We express our thanks and offer our endorsement to you for stepping forward to accept the responsibilities of this position. in the American Rose Society."  Joe and Ann Gibson, New York District and Region 1 Directors

"I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Craig Dorschel for Vice President of the American Rose Society. Craig has the experience and the passion for the job and is committed to the educational mission of the ARS. His excellent background includes his current post as Regional 0 Director, and he is the former Yankee District Director. He is a Master Rosarian, a Horticultural and Arrangement Judge and an exhibitor. He also has experience on the ARS Board of Directors and many national committees. Craig is an educator par excellence as was so beautifully showcased in his recent presentation of a 2021 ARS Chemical Safety Webinar. To top it all off, he is also the recipient of the ARS Silver Honor Medal and the Bronze Honor Medal for his service to his district and local rose society. I can’t think of anyone who is more singularly qualified to take on the challenges of ARS Vice President than Craig Dorschel. He has my vote, and I have no doubt he will ultimately make a wonderful ARS President." Suzanne Horn, Chair of Horticulture Exhibitors Committee, Vice District Director, Pacific Southwest District.

"I wholeheartedly endorse you and thank you for stepping up for the rose." Satish Prabhu

"I believe you have the skills, experience, and knowledge to become the next vice president for the ARS. You have my vote." John Mattia

"A good leader is a person with a wealth of experience that can be drawn upon in service to an organization. You, my friend, are such a person. I am honored to support your candidacy for the next Vice President of the American Rose Society." Gaye Hammond, Past President, Houston Rose Society

"We're proud to put our support behind Craig, a very qualified candidate, who has been a longtime supporter of the ARS, and truly loves the rose and all aspects of the rose hobby. He will make a great Vice President, and then President. Kathy and I are so glad we're able to call Craig a friend, and have shared so many memories with him, both in the Penn-Jersey & Yankee Districts, and also many National Conventions! Good luck Craig!" Bill and Kathy Kozemchak 

"Yes, you have my vote. Your experience and talent are needed by the ARS and by local societies. Thank you for stepping up to serve this wonderful society." Iliana Okum

"You’ll make an excellent Vice President and ultimately President. You have our vote!!" Ray Guillebeau

"You have my vote, Craig. Your devotion to the ARS and its mission of education is hard to match. The ARS needs you." Jason Capote

"You will be a GREAT leader, please keep us the good work." Wayne and Lyndy Myers

"Craig you will be a terrific ARS VP then President! I back you 100%. You have the talent, the experience, and the love of roses that you have shared with all of us in the Penn-Jersey District and will share with everyone in the USA!" Terry Palise

"You also have my support. Your ARS experience is impressive and will serve the organization well." Cindy Dale, DSD Director

"You have my support Craig. Having served with you on the ARS Board of Directors, I know you are fit for the job." Don Swanson

"You also have my support, Craig. I trust your experience and good judgement will be Perfect for the ARS." Patsy Cunningham, ARS Newsletter Chair

 Endorsements from Rose Societies

 New England Rose Society, York Area Rose Society, Manhattan Rose Society, Syracuse Rose Society, Denver Rose Society, Connecticut Rose Society, Pittsburgh Rose Society, San Francisco Rose Society 

Rhode Island Rose Society: "The Rhode Island Rose Society Board of Directors wishes to offer its unanimous and wholehearted endorsement of Craig Dorschel’s candidacy for Vice President of the American Rose Society.  Craig is a longstanding member of the RIRS and has been a great contributor and supporter of our activities.  We believe Craig would serve superlatively as Vice President and his experience and vision make him the best person for this position.  We enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Craig this coming July."

Long Island Rose Society: "The Long Island Rose Society Board of Directors is proud to wholeheartedly and unanimously endorse Craig Dorschel for the position of ARS Vice President. His love of the rose and his years of dedication and experience in the ARS is exemplified in his past dedication to arrangement judging at our annual June rose show. Craig would drive for hours from his home in Massachusetts to our rose show at Planting Fields out in Long Island to not only judge our arrangements, but to also share his knowledge and wisdom with our members on all things related to the rose. It is this dedication, knowledge, and generosity that we fully expect him to bring to our national organization. We, as the Board of Directors of the Long Island Rose Society, enthusiastically encourage all members of the ARS to vote for Craig Dorschel for ARS VP in July."

Endorsements from Individuals

Suni Bolar, Anita and Mike Eckley, Beverley (B.J.) Harrington, Jim Wagner, Jane Knoeck, Ken Kelley, Carol Ann Macon, Pam and Jay Hires, Diane Wilkerson, Tom Mayhew, Andrew and Julie Hearn, Dr. Allen Owings, Brenna Bosch, Dr. Mark Windham, Capt. Eddy Krauss, Wendy Tilley, Mirjana Toyn, Lee Macneil, Teresa Mosher, Susan Mascott, Pamela Murphy, Audrey and Oz Osborn, Wally Parsons, Andy Vanable, Jacqui Bilodeau Nye, Marci Martin, Rachelle Desrochers, Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich, Patricia Pohl, Carol Basener                   

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